Lenovo G500s 15.6″ Touchscreen Laptop – Touch and Go

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Oct 6th, 2013

Lenovo G500s oneThis 15.6″ touchscreen laptop from Lenovo features some nifty specs, and it ain’t too bad looking either. The G500s is a stunning 1″ thick, and combined with its sleek square-cut form makes for one stylish laptop. Under the hood, we find the latest 2.6GHz Core i5 3230M Intel processor, a screen with 1366 x 768 pixel resolution, Intel HD 4000 graphics (which are a sticking point), 6GB of RAM and a full 1TB Hard Disk. All really good so far, except for the graphics card as we mentioned.

Connectivity is also good with 2 USB 3.0 ports built into the Lenovo G500s. This laptop runs the latest Windows 8 which depending upon your personality, has a 50-50 chance of either being good or being the worst thing in the world next to starving kids in Uganda. So young (or old) jedis, choose wisely. Oh yes, also this laptop retails at $651.


Souped up Specs; The 1TB hard drive is an eyecatcher, along with the 6GB DDR3 RAM on offer. Further to this, there are two extra RAM slots, so you can upgrade this Lenovo G500s to speed demon mode!

Lenovo G500s three

Windows 8 with Touch capability; While we bitch Windows 8 out a lot, it actually deserves a fairer review. On touchscreen laptops, the experience is quite nice – with the whole Tom Cruise in Minority Report swooping thing going on. It is on your regular old non-touch laptops that users have most complaints. The Lenovo G500s  has a quality touchscreen which works well with Windows 8.

Runs well and quietly; Like other Lenovo products, the G500s performs well, and is silent to boot – the chassis doesn’t heat up even when heavier applications are in use.


Graphics card the standalone weak point; For a laptop, the Lenovo G500s is strong in all departments save one. And it’s not to say that the Intel HD 4000 is a bad graphics card, it just would have been nicer to have a better one. For example, if you try to connect it to an external BluRay drive, the graphics card won’t be able to pick it up.

Battery a bit weak; this 4-cell battery holds up about fine (5 hours or so) when your browsing and doing other low-intensity tasks, but if you boot up a movie or use some heavy photo or video editing software, it starts to deplete quite quickly indeed.

Lenovo G500s two

No mic input; There’s no input for audio recording, only an earphone jack. Not really a feature we (or we guess most people) use much but its worth a mention.


Processor  2.6 GHz Intel Core i5 3230M processor
Memory  6 GB DDR3
Graphics  Intel HD 4000 graphics card
O.S.  Windows 8
Display  1366 x 768
Storage  1TB
Ports  2 x USB 3.0,1 × USB 2.0, Card Reader, VGA, HDMI
Webcam  720p HD Camera
Sound  Dolby Advanced Audio2 Stereo Speakers
Connectivity  802.11 b/g/n
Battery  5 Hours
Size  15” x 10.2” x 1”
Weight  5.9 pounds
Price  $651.77


Check out the Lenovo G500s at amazon.


Touchscreen laptops and Windows 8 are the future. If you are a quick adapter to new tech, then the Lenovo G500s could be right down your alley. It packs impressive specifications, with the standout features being the 6GB of RAM and 1TB Hard drive that make the difference performance-wise.

It looks good too as we mentioned, and the few gripes we do have with it don’t stand in the way of a purchase. Retailing at $651.77, we wouldn’t be able to call the Lenovo G500s a cheap laptop, but we can definitely say it delivers bang for your buck.

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  1. Enock Ankamah says:

    Can get lenovo G500s touch. 4 ram ,500hdd and core i3.how much

  2. Ajay Makhija says:

    If you check it out on amazon right now – it’s available for $614

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